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Section 11:


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Different collection level descriptions can be provided for a range of users by creating a very full collection level description record and then specifying specific attributes (or fields) to appear in different displays. In this way only relevant information is presented to a specific user.

As an example, a detailed record has been created for the Museum of Costume, Bath for a hypothetical database of collections of cultural items. Public access to the web interface of this database offers a number of search options.

  1. Simple search on keyword
  2. Fuller record from simple search results
  3. Search for collections suitable for school visits
  4. Search for collections with research facilities
  5. Password protected search for database administrator

The record would result in hits for searches on Christian Dior, Lucille - Lady Duff Gordon, Norman Hartnell, Doris Langley Moore, Lady Ottoline Morrell, Yves Saint Laurent, Harborow collection, and Spence collection.

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