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How to create a collection description


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Section 4:

Do It Yourself

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Prose Descriptions

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DIY Templates

Try creating a collection level description based on the details in one of the prose descriptions from the Do It Yourself section of the Tutorial, or using details about one of your own collections. To do this, enter details into one of the templates below.

Information on what information should be included can be found in the creating individual CLDs page and the schema information sheets listed below. Collection descriptions can also be created for catalogues and indices, which are a specific form of collection.

Fill in as many of the fields as you can, but it is unlikely that you will be able to fill in every field, either because you do not have the information or it is not relevant to the collection being described. Some fields are repeatable. When entering repeatable instances of a field, show this by entering the data on separate lines in the html document or by adding an extra row in the Word document table.


Collections Dublin Core Application Profile (CollsDCAP)

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