Institutional Web Management Workshop 2006:
Quality Matters
Frappr IWMW 2006

About Frappr

Frappr is a social networking service which provides collaborative technologies such as bulletin boards and chat facilities together with mapping capabilities. It is being used within the higher educational sector by educational Bloggers and organisations such as ALT.

Note the Frappr service is no longer available. It was discontinued in 2010 (see discussion).

Frappr Group For IWMW 2006

A IWMW 2006 Frappr Group was set up to support the IWMW 2006 community. A group was originally set up for participants on the "Web 2.0: Addressing Institutional Barriers" parallel session. However it is now open for all IWMW 2006 participants.

The mapping functionality provided by Frappr may be of particular interest as this can help to provide a geographical representation of the workshop participants.

It should be noted that joining the IWMW 2006 Frappr group is entirely optional. It should also be noted that it is not envisaged that significant (if, indeed, any traffic will take place on the Frappr discussion lists.

Also note that although this Frappr group is aimed primarily at IWMW 2006 participants, we also invite other members of the IWMW community to join the group. If you did not attend IWMW 2006, we ask that you select an appropriate marker when you subscribe.