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Blogs & Wikis: Herding Cats?: Session Details

Workshop Session A3: "Blogs & Wikis: Herding Cats?"

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Blogs & Wikis: Herding Cats?
Paul Browning, Information Services, University of Bristol
Blogs & Wikis sit in the spectrum of Collaborative Groupware. This workshop will explore:
  • The relationship of Blogs & Wikis to other forms of groupware
  • The infrastructure required to implement Blogs & Wikis in-house
  • The externally-hosted options
  • The support issues of either in-house or externally-hosted facilities
  • The opportunities in terms of the current and future landscape (e.g. VLEs, VREs, ePortfolios)
  • The need (or not) for strategy or policy in this area
Learning Outcomes:
At the end of the session participants will be aware of what Blogs & Wikis are and the opportunities and risks they present.
PC, data projector and Internet connection. Flipchart & whiteboard
This session took place from 16:00-17:30 on Tuesday 27th July 2004.
Contact Details
Paul Browning
University of Bristol
Email: paul.browning AT


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