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  • The Case of AACR2 versus RDA
    Ann Chapman - September 2010
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  • RDA: a cataloguing code for the 21st century
    Ann Chapman - September 2008
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  • Resource discovery: catalogs, cataloging and the user
    Ann Chapman - Spring 2007
    Libary Trends Vol. 55, no. 4, Spring 2007, pp 917-931





Bibliographic records in the computer age
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A new direction for bibliographic records? The development of Functional Requirements for Bibliographic Records and some practical implications (part 2)
Ann Chapman and Alan Danskin - Autumn 2003
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A new direction for bibliographic records?: the development of Functional Requirements for Bibliographic Records (part 1)
Ann Chapman and Alan Danskin - Summer 2003
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Collection level descriptions as a tool for managing digital collections
Ann Chapman - April 2003
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Revealing collections for visually impaired people
Ann Chapman - Spring 2002
SCONUL Newsletter, No.25, pp.70-73 (available as PDF and RTF files)
A catalogue quality audit tool
Ann Chapman and Owen Massey - Spring 2002
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Parallel publication


Developing a new resource for visually impaired people.
Ann Chapman and Helen Brazier - May 2001
Poster track paper presented at the 10th International World Wide Web Conference, 1st - 5th May 2001, Hong Kong.


Ch.10: NUCAF to REVEAL: the national union catalogue of alternative formats.
Ann Chapman - October 2000
in: Library services for visually impaired people: a manual of best practice. Edited by Linda Hopkins.
Also contributed to revised edition, March 2002
Developing a national database of resources in accessible formats: a feasibility study.
Ann Chapman - September 2000
A report to the British Library Cooperation and Partnership Programme from the STV Reveal
Development Steering Group. 22nd September 2000.
Edited version available:
Trends in monograph acquisitions in UK libraries
Ann Chapman, Clare Creaser and David Spiller - 2000
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In vision: the Internet as a resource for visually impaired people
Ann Chapman - June 2000
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Trend analysis of monograph acquisitions in public and university libraries in the UK.
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Loughborough: LISU & UKOLN. ISBN: 1901786293
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Revealing the invisible: the need for retrospective conversion in the virtual future
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On target and in time: UKOLN performance measurement and quality assessment studies
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Availability of bibliographic records for the UK imprint
Ann Chapman - January 1999
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Metadata: cataloguing practice and Internet subject-based information gateways
Ann Chapman, Michael Day and Debra Hiom - December 1998
Ariadne, Issue 18
Bibliographic record provision in the UK: measuring availability against demand
Ann Chapman - 1998
UKOLN, 1998. ISBN: 0-9516856-5-1
Record supply for UK imprint
Ann Chapman - July 1998
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The Currency and quality of bibliographic records
Ann Chapman - 1998
In: 2nd Northumbria International Conference on
Performance Measurement in Libraries and Information Services, Longhirst Hall, 7-11 September 1997, Proceedings pp401-404


Bibliographic record provision in the UK
Ann Chapman - 1997
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1994 revisited: a year in the life of the BNBMARC currency survey
Ann Chapman - April/June 1997
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The BNBMARC currency survey
Ann Chapman - November
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Retrospective catalogue conversion: a national study and a discussion of selected literature
Ann Chapman - March 1996
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Retrospective conversion of library catalogues in institutions of higher education in the United Kingdom
Philip Bryant, Ann Chapman and Bernard Naylor - June 1995
A report submitted to the Follett Implementation Group on IT (FIGIT) (not released for general publication)
National library bibliographic record availability: a long term survey
Ann Chapman - October 1995
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1994 and earlier

Up to standard?: a study of the records in a shared cataloguing database
Ann Chapman - December 1994
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Quality of records in a shared cataloguing database: a case study using the BLCMP database
Ann Chapman - 1993
British Library R&D Report 6120
Why MARC surveys are still a hot bibliographic currency
Ann Chapman - April 1992
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Automated issue system - Bath University Library
Ann Chapman and J.H. Lamble - 1977
in: Management information systems for higher education: based on papers presented at a Professional Seminar organised by CERI's Programme on Institutional Management in Higher Education, Paris, June 1975 Edited by K.M. Hussein (Chapter 12, pp 237-246) Paris, OECD, 1977
Library stock control at Bath University Library
Ann Chapman - Jan/Feb 1975
Data Processing, Vol. 17 (1), pp22-25