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DIAD: Digitisation in Art and Design

Project web site

Programme area

Contact details
Ms Pat Batley, Project Director,
London Institute, LCPDT Elephant and Castle London SE1 6SB
Phone: 0171 514 6500 ext 6581 Fax: 0171 514 6579

Ms. Jan Conway, Deputy Head of Learning Resources,
London Institute, LCPDT Elephant and Castle London SE1 6SB
Phone: 0171 514 6500 ext 6586 Fax: 0171 514 6579

Project description

as of 4th January 1996


The members of this consortium are aware of a number of key issues for Higher Education identified by Follett and other recent reports. Among these are the need for academic institutions to address the challenge of delivering a learning experience for students which is of the highest quality, while ensuring that resources are expended to maximum efficiency and economy. New opportunities are also being presented by developments in electronic information transfer which will provide the means to make information resources more widely and more quickly available to staff and students in the higher education community.

This project in the Electronic Libraries Programme (eLib) will create a digitised record of selected core journals in the subject areas of design and the applied arts.


DIAD will identify and evaluate a selection of art and design journals in consultation with representatives of the HE community and produce test databases making them available for user-testing. It is likely that the preferred end product format will be a CD-ROM in a form that can be easily accessed, and it is hoped that eventually these will be made commercially available through a 'CHEST' type scheme to the HE and wider academic community at an appropriate subscription/purchase price. Interface with the INTERNET is also a possibility.

The project will entail the selection of relevant journals, the agreement of copyright clearance and the construction of test databases using digitised imagery and texts.

Project Timetable

The project is divided into three phases. The first phase will last for seven months and during this time, the definitive title list will be confirmed, copyright holders will be identified, and initial negotiations with publishers will be instigated.

The second stage will last for six months and will entail the completion and evaluation of prototypes. A report on the second phase of user testing and evaluation will be prepared for FIGIT.

The third and final phase will last for eleven months and during this time a business plan will be finalised and put in place, negotiations with CHEST will be initiated, and preparations made for a product launch.


The London Institute is the lead Institution in this project and will provide accommodation and additional hardware for the development team at the London College of Printing and Distributive Trades.

Partner colleges are: Bretton Hall, College of the University of Leeds, Falmouth College of Arts with collaboration from West Surrey College of Art and Design to promote links to the ADAM project. A commercial partner will also be working with the consortium partners and this is Systems Simulation Ltd. Dr. Andrew Prescott of the British Library, Leader of the Electronic Beowulf digitisation project will join the advisory committee.

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The Electronic Libraries Programme (eLib) was funded by the Joint Information Systems Committee (JISC)
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