BIBLINK: Linking Publishers and National Bibliographic Services


This page describes some of the activities undertaken by staff at UKOLN as part of Project BIBLINK: Linking Publishers and National Bibliographic Services.


Project BIBLINK was funded by DG XIII/E-4 under the Telematics Application Programme of the European Union Fourth Framework Programme. It aimed to establish an electronic link between national bibliographic agencies and publishers of electronic material, in order to establish authoritative bibliographic information that would benefit both sectors.

The project leaders of BIBLINK are the British Library and partners include the national libraries of France, The Netherlands, Norway and Spain, the Universitat Oberta de Catalunya (Barcelona) and UKOLN.

More information about Project BIBLINK is available from the project Web pages at:

The BIBLINK page on the I*M Europe Telematics for Libraries Web site can be found at:

Publications describing BIBLINK:

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BIBLINK is divided up into different Work Packages (WPs). The first phase of the project (WP 1-7) consisted primarily of research into a variety of background issues. The second phase (WP 8-14), dealt with the production of a demonstrator. UKOLN was involved in the production of the following report deliverables during the first phase of the project:

During the second phase of the project, the UKOLN metadata group contributed to a functional specification for the BIBLINK demonstrator D8.2 - Functional Specification - PDF version

As part of the Testing and Verification stage, a mapping from BIBLINK Core (BC) to UNIMARC was also developed.

The following tools were developed as part of the Demonstrator phase of the project:


UKOLN staff who worked on BIBLINK

Michael Day
Research Officer
Rachel Heery
Metadata Projects Co-ordinator
Manjula Patel
Technical Development and Research
Andy Powell
Technical Development and Research

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