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UKOLN is based at the University of Bath.

Dr Manjula Patel

Manjula Patel

Research Officer
UKOLN, University of Bath, UK
tel: +44 (0)1225 386547
fax: +44 (0)1225 386838
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Publications and Presentations:

A list of my publications and presentations can be found in OPUS the University of Bath's institutional repository.

Further background information

Additional information, can be found on my personal home page.

Current Projects:

Developing A Community Maturity Model for Data-Intensive Research (CCMDIR) (Project Manager and Research Officer) May 2011-July 2013

Previous Projects:

The Smart Research Framework (SRF): Cloud-based Collaborative Notebook Systems (UKOLN Project Coordinator and Research Officer) May 2011-May 2012
KRDS/I2S2 Digital Preservation Benefit Analysis Tools Project (Project Manager and Research Officer) Feb-Aug 2011
DCC: Digital Curation Centre (Research Officer) Mar 2003-Oct 2011
Infrastructure for Integration in Structural Science (I2S2) (Project Manager and Research Officer) Oct 2009-Aug 2011
eCrystals Federation. I led and completed the work package on Repositories, Preservation and Sustainability (Research Officer) Oct 2007-March 2009
Knowledge and Information Management Through Life: A Grand Challenge Project (UKOLN Project Coordinator and Research Officer) Oct 2005-March 2009
eBank UK Phase 3: WP4: Preservation and Curation Issues (Research Officer) Sept 2006-July 2007
DELOS Network of Excellence on Digital Libraries: Cluster 5 -Knowledge Extraction and Semantic Interoperability (Research Officer) Jan 2004-Jan 2008
ARCO:Augmented Representation of Cultural Objects (UKOLN Project Coordinator and Research Officer) Oct 2001-Sept 2004
Agentcities: Deployment of an ontology server on the Agentcities.NET project network (UKOLN Project Manager and Research Officer) Sept 2002-Feb 2003
CORES: A shared forum on metadata vocabularies (continuation of SCHEMAS) (Research Officer) Jan 2002-Jun 2003
SCHEMAS: A forum for metadata schema implementors (Project Manager and Research Officer) Feb 2000-Dec 2001
DESIRE II: Desire Metadata Registry (Research Officer) 1998-Jun 2000
BIBLINK: Linking Publishers and National Bibliographic Agencies (Research Officer) April 1998-Feb 2000
ROADS: Litgate: An experimental gateway for literature resources (Research Officer) Oct 1998-Feb 1999