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This directory contains images used on the UK Web Focus area of the Web site or images which can be used elsewhere (in in speaker biogrphies published elsewhere). These include:

Portraits [anchor]

The following portrait was taken in 2004.

IWR Award [anchor]

The following photograph was taken in 2007.

Speaking at ILI 2011 [anchor]

The following photograph was taken at the ILI 2011 conference in 2011. Note the photgraph is available in various sizes. In addition mirrored versions of the photograph are available, with the speaker looking to the left or right: you may wiash to use a version in which the speaker is looking towards the text of a Web page or in print.


UKOLN Logo [anchor]

The UKOLN logo can be used, if permission is granted:


The images are shown below. However you should download the image using the links given above.

Portrait from 2004
IWR Award
IWR Award in 2007
ILI 2011
ILI 2011 (looking left)
ILI 2011
ILI 2011 (looking right)

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Logo (PNG)