Institutional Web Management Workshop 2008:
Discussion Groups

About The Discussion Groups

The discussion group session will be held on Tuesday 22nd July from 14.15-15.00. Note that this year there will only be one discussion group session. The IWMW BarCamp will be held on Wednesday 23rd July from 14.15-15.00.

This year the discussion topic will be 'The Future of the Institutional Web Management Workshop'. Delegates will look at where the IWMW event should sit in the light of technological enhancements such as video streaming, immersive environments such as Second Life, 'amplified conferences', etc. and other factors such as travel costs, environmental issues etc.

Discussion Group Details

This year there will be no reporting back session. The IWMW 2008 wiki should be used to keep notes and recommendations of the sessions.

A list of allocated discussion groups [MS Word] is available.

Handouts for the Discussion Groups

The Future of the Institutional Web Management Workshop [MS Word]