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Visualisation of Photos from IWMW 2007

This page provides access to a visualisation of photos from IWMW 2007 taken from Flickr. The photos were taken from those available on Flickr with a 'IWMW2007' tag and a Creative Commons licence. Acknowledgements are given to: Marieke Guy, pip (Phil Wilson), redux (Patrick H. Lauke), Sharon Steeples, Gareth Saunders, st_u_art, Mike McConnell, Paul Kelly and Andy Powell.

Please note that if anyone included in the photographs would like the photograph removed from this display please contact Brian Kelly.

The interface is based on the PicLens service. For further information of this tool read the Venturebeat article (published on 15 June 2008).

Start Display

Selecting the following link will start the visualisation of the above images.

Note that if you install the Piclens extension (available for the Firefox and Internet Explorer browsers) you will get an immersive 3D view of the pages.

Video Of Display

A video display with commentary of the photos is available.

Submission To IWMW 2008 Innovation Competition

This example was submitted to the IWMW 2008 Innovation Competition. The following details are provided:

Name and Affiliation
Brian Kelly, UKOLN
A 3D visualisation of photos from IWMW 2007 - plus a video with commentary providing memories of the IWMW 2007 event.
User Benefits
The display and commentary will provide IWMW 2007 participants with a shared memory of the event. The submission will also provided participants will an opportunity to learn about the Piclens software and ways in which it can be used.
The service was created using a HTML editor to create the HTML and RSS files. It was then found that the Piclens Publisher tool could be downloaded, making the creation of the service even easier.
The ease of creation of the 3D environment is, itself, pretty cool. The 3D environment is also pretty cool. And making use of photographs provided with a Creative Commons licence demonstrates the advantages of openness.
Background to the Work
The Piclens software was initially used to create a visualisation of the history of the University of Bath home page based on information available in the Internet Archive. Once this had been produced the potential benefits in other areas was recognised.
The photographs have a Creative Commons licence. The 3D visualisation and the accompanying video also have Creative Commons licence.
Acceptability Criteria
This was developed specifically for participants at IWMW events.
Additional Notes
Available at <>.