UKOLN Institutional Web Management Workshop 2004:
E-business: Why Join In?

E-business: Why Join In?

This page provides details for the plenary talk on "E-business: Why Join In?".

E-business: Why Join In?
Heidi Fraser-Krauss and Ester Ruskuc, University of St Andrews
The presentation will focus on the broader issues behind a move to e-business, and will examine the strategic and operational objectives of why an organisation should decide to make such a move. The presenters will also highlight the significant cultural changes needed in the organisation to make e-business work by using examples from the successful e-business implementation in at the University of St Andrews.
This session tooke place from 14:45-15:30 on Tuesday 27th July 2004.
Contact Details
Heidi Fraser-Krauss
University of St Andrews
St Andrews
Email: hmfk AT
Ester Ruskuc
University of St Andrews
St Andrews
Email: er3 AT


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