UKOLN Institutional Web Management Workshop 2004:
LSE for You: From Innovation to Realism and Beyond

LSE for You: From Innovation to Realism and Beyond

This page provides details for the plenary talk on "LSE for You: From Innovation to Realism and Beyond".

LSE for You: From Innovation to Realism and Beyond
Stephen Bulley, LSE
From the highs of the 2002 awards for excellence through the 2003 "trough of disillusionment" LSE for You is now taking a broader more inclusive and sustainable direction. Tracking its move away from purely self-service administration, this presentation will describe how the LSE is tackling the difficult interoperability issues of authentication and authorisation to institution wide resources including proprietary student record and virtual learning systems, groupware, e-journals, working papers, e-prints, research data sets and Library catalogues. The aim being to make the portal into a gateway to the School's fully managed information and knowledge environment.
As well as describing the changes to the architecture and design of LSE for You to reflect user needs, Stephen will touch on the important issues surrounding integrating departmental strategies and how individual service providers must work collaboratively to achieve a shared institutional goal.
This session was scheduled to take place from 09:45-10:30 on Wednesday 28th July 2004. However due to transport difficulties the talk was given at 14:45:15:30 on the same day.
Contact Details
Stephen Bulley
Business Systems and Services
Houghton Street
Email: s.bulley AT


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