UKOLN Institutional Web Management Workshop 2004:
Integrating Legal Compliance into Web Management: Session Details

Workshop Session A8: "Integrating Legal Compliance into Web Management"

This page provides details for the workshop session on "Integrating Legal Compliance into Web Management".

Integrating Legal Compliance into Web Management
Jason Campbell, JISC Legal Information Service
This workshop explores in practical terms how issues of legal compliance can be proactively included within web management. It will be shown how such preventative steps can avoid costly and troublesome problems and disputes later on. The session will be conducted through the presentation of scenarios related to the areas of intellectual property rights, e-security, ISP liability, data protection and privacy, freedom of information and cyber-crime. There will also be a question and answer session.
Learning Outcomes:
At the end of the session participants will:
  • have an awareness of the benefits of considering legal compliance within Web management
  • understand in practical terms how legal compliance can be combined into a Web management strategy
Room Requirements:
PC and data projector.
This session took place from 16:00-17:30 on Tuesday 27th July 2004.
Contact Details
Jason Campbell
Service Manager
JISC Legal Information Service
Learning Services
University of Strathclyde
155 George Street
Glasgow G1 1RD
E-mail: jason.campbell AT



The aim of this workshop was to explore the ways in which legal awareness could be integrated into web management. The objective is to avoid legal problems later on by the use of quality assurance mechanisms as a part of web publishing and maintenance processes.

JISC Legal Information Service can help in this respect. It offers:

After discussion the most common/important issues that were seen to arise were:

Workshop summary by Jason Campbell

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