UKOLN University of Kent Institutional Web Management Workshop 2003:
Discussion Groups

This page gives details of the discussion groups at the Institutional Web Management Workshop 2003.

About The Discussion Groups

The discussion groups provide an opportunity for participants to take part in discussions on one of several key topics on interest for Institutional Web Managers.

The topics to be covered include: strategy and management issues; technical issues; usability and accessibility issues; information management issues; research issues; e-learning issues and staff development issues.

The topics will be discussed in the following rooms:

Discussion Group Venue Report
Strategy and management issues Cornwallis North West Report back: [MS PowerPoint] - [HTML]
Technical issues Cornwallis North West  
Usability and accessibility issues Cornwallis North West  
Information management issues Cornwallis North West  
Research issues Cornwallis North West  
E-learning issues Cornwallis North West  
Staff development issues Cornwallis North West  


Discussion Group 1 - Where's The Gap?

In the first discussion group participants will be asked to outline the main challenges in their area of discussion. They will then agree on the top three areas to focus on in the second discussion group.

Discussion Group 2- Bridging The Gap

In the second discussion group participants will be asked to identify approaches and solutions for addressing the top challenges which were identified in the first discussion group.

Report Back

In the report back the discussion group reporter will be asked to summarise the discussions and outlines the main conclusions.

Last modified: 19th June 2003