UKOLN University of Kent Institutional Web Management Workshop 2003:
Parallel Sessions

This page should be used to book the parallel sessions you wish to attend. You should read the abstracts of the sessions and then enter select the sessions you wish to attend.

Please note that most of the sessions are restricted to 20 or 25 participants, so we will not be able to guarantee that everyone will get their first choice.

Note that bookings for the parallel sessions closed at 16:00 on Monday 9 June. If you have not yet booked your parallel sessions you will have to do so at registration.

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Parallel Session A (Wed 11 June)
Parallel Session B (Thur 12 June)
Parallel Session C (Fri 13 June)

Session Details

Parallel Session A: Wednesday 11 June 2003
Code Title Strand Venue
A1 From Vision to Reality : Implementing a University Web Strategy
Ian Upton, University of Birmingham
Strategy CGU 4 (Gulbenkian Building Level 2)
A2 Integration, Integration, Integration: Issues Involved in Providing Web Access Across Institutional Systems
Chris Awre, JISC
Information Management Cornwallis North West 2
A3 Practical Approaches For Gathering Users' Requirements
Sarah Agarwal, ILRT, University of Bristol
Users, strategy Cornwallis North West 3
A4 Promoting Online Collaboration and Virtual Community: Benefits For The Web Team
Andrew Cox, University of Loughborough
Staff development Cornwallis North West 4
A5 Search Facilities For Web Sites
Helen Sargan, University of Cambridge
Technical CC02 Terminal Room
A6 The WWW Web - Widgeted, WebDAVed and Write-enabled Web
Paul Browning, University of Bristol
  Cornwallis North West 6
A7 Whose Web Is It Anyway?
David Sweeney and Anne Uttley, Royal Holloway, University of London
Users, strategy Cornwallis North West 7
A8 Professional Development for Webmasters
Trish Murray and Chris Young, Netskills, University of Newcastle
Staff development Cornwallis North West 5
A9 Supporting The Research User
Catherine Ewart, PPARC/NERC
Users CGU 3 (Gulbenkian Building Level 2)


Parallel Session B: Thursday 12 June 2003
Code Title Strand Venue
B1 Can Librarians Transform The Institutional Web?
Tracey Stanley, University of Leeds
Information Management, Strategy CGU 4 (Gulbenkian Building Level 2)
B2 E-learning And Accessibility
Melissa Highton and Richard Jones, University of Leeds
E-learning, users Cornwallis North West 2
B3 Online Research and Technology Transfer Expertise Systems
Paul Anderson and Gaynor Backhouse, University of Nottingham
Information Management/Strategy Cornwallis North West 3
B4 Catching Mistakes: Using QA to Address Problems on your Web Site
Marieke Guy, UKOLN and Anne McCombe, MIMAS
Technical, strategy Cornwallis North West 4
B5 'One Query To Rule Them All' - Cross-database Searching and Finding
Mike Lowndes, Natural History Museum
Information management, technical, research Cornwallis North West 5
B6 Institutional E-print Repositories
Bill Hubbard, University of Nottingham
Information Management Cornwallis North West 6
B7 Open Source Software - The Developers View / The User's View
Mark Stiles, University of Staffordshire
  Cornwallis North West 7
B8 Implementation of a Commercial Content Management System
Rob Bristow, University of Bristol
Information management CGU 3 (Gulbenkian Building Level 2)


Parallel Session C: Friday 13 June 2003
Code Title Strand Venue
C1 Vertical Learning Environment to Community Portal
Steve Musgrave, Blackpool and The Fylde College
  CGU 4 (Gulbenkian Building Level 2)
C2 Managing People in an Educational Environment
Anne Rushworth, University of Kent
Staff Development Cornwallis North West 2
C3 Ubiquitous Computing And The Institutional Web
Tom Franklin, TechLearn
  Cornwallis North West 3
C4 Learning Technology Interoperability Standards Update
Lorna Campbell, University of Strathclyde
Strategy, information management, technical Cornwallis North West 4
C5 Web Services and The Institutional Web
Diane McDonald, University of Strathclyde
Strategy, Technical Cornwallis North West 5
C6 Beyond Accessibility - Thinking Holistically About Your Web Site
Kriss Fearon, University of York
  Cornwallis North West 6
C7 Bandwidth Management Techniques: Technical And Policy Issues
Ingrid Evans and George Neisser, University Of Manchester
Technical, policy CC02 Terminal Building
C8 Managing People And Resources
Jean Stewart, UEA
Staff Development Cornwallis North West 7


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