Institutional Web Management Workshop 2002:
The Pervasive Web

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Parallel Session Details

QA For Web Sites
Brian Kelly, UKOLN (using materials produced by Marieke Napier, UKOLN).
Quality and reliability are two of the most critical aspects of any Web site. Web managers will be aware that ensuring that addressing these issues will take time and affort. This workshop will discuss Quality Assurance procedures for Web sites. Participants will be asked to consider what can go wrong on their Web site, why exactly things are going wrong, how Web site owners can find out when things go wrong and finally what can be done when things go wrong. In this session we will consider how you can integrate important QA aspects, like testing, into your current evaluation procedures and in doing so significantly improve your Web site, its infrastructure and content.
Learning Objectives
Quality is an important part of any Web site. This event will:
  • Consider what exactly quality and Quality Assurance are in the context of a Web site
  • Consider how QA processes can be built into our general workflow.
Target Audience
The event is suitable for all delegates.
Learning Outcomes
At the end of the seminar participants will:
  • Be aware of how QA fits into a Web site through the Quality cycle.
  • Be introduced to a QA timescale model.
  • Learn about what can fail on a Web site and what type of testing needs to be done to prevent, track and solve problems and the issues they raise.
  • Be given an overview of a number of different areas which will help provide a context for further readings.



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IWMW Web Site - A Case Study
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Approaches To Testing
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Workshop Summary
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Top Pointers
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The timetable for the workshop is given below.

Time Topic Comments
16:15-16:30 The IWMW 2002 Web Site; A Case Study Presentation 1: QA For Web Sites
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16:00-16:15 Welcome and Ice Breaker Exercise Exercise 1: What is Quality?
16:30-16:45 Introduction to Quality and the QA Cycle Presentation 2: Introduction to Quality
16:45-17:00 Problems on Your Web Site Exercise 2: Problems on Your Web Site
17:00-17:15 The IWMW 2002 Web Site: A Case Study Presentation 2: The IWMW 2002 Web Site: A Case Study
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17:00-17:15 Approaches To Testing Presentation 3: Approaches To Testing
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17:15-17:30 Final Feedback and Discussion Final Feedback and Discussion


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