UKOLN Report on the WWW7 Conference

This page gives a report on the 7th International World Wide Web Conference.


The Seventh International World Wide Web Conference took place in Brisbane Australia from 14-18th April 1998. The conference proper was held from Wednesday 15th April until Friday 17th April. In addition tutorials and workshop were help on Tuesday 14th April and a Developer's Day on Saturday 18th April. About 1,400 delegates attended the conference.

At the last WWW conference, held in Santa Clara a year ago, the major new development was XML, the Extensible Markup Language. This year's significant new development, which figured prominently in Tim Berners-Lee's keynote address (see <URL:>) and was the topic of panel sessions, tutorials and Developer's Day was RDF, the Resource Description Framework. RDF provides a generic framework for providing metadata on the web. RDF has been described as the missing architectural component of the web, which complements addressing (URLs), transport (HTTP) and data format (initially HTML and now XML).

Next year's conference will be held in Toronto, followed by Amsterdam in 2000.

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