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Before the invention of aeroplanes the only way to travel over the sea was in a boat or ship. There are hundreds of types of ships and in the time that Treasure Island is set they would all have been made of wood and would have had sails. Travelling by sea was a slow and dangerous business with all sorts of dangers lurking like storms, becalming, whales and of course pirates. Although most of these wooden ships were either destroyed, sunk or broken up as metal ships became more popular a few have survived. There is quite a lot of information on the Internet about these ships as many people find them much more interesting then their dull, metal replacements.


The Hispaniola is the ship that Squire Trelawney buys in order to be able to sail to Treasure Island. She is a 200 ton schooner. A schooner is a particular type of ship. Here is a link to pictures and information on schooners.

redball Schooner Man - Contains loads of information on schooners.

Maritime Museums

redball Mary Rose Museum - An excellent place to visit - lots and lots of information on the Mary Rose which was a warship that sunk in 1545.

redball San Diego Maritime Museum - Another very interesting museum. Have a look at The Star Of India pages - its the oldest ship that is still sailing.

General Ship Stuff

redball Ships - Loads of information about sailing ships plus links to famous real ships.

redball Maritime History on the Internet - Kind of serious but very detailed.

redball Shanties and Sea songs that sailors use to sing.

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