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Tavistock Institute Papers and Reports

The Tavistock Institute undertakes evaluation studies into projects, programme areas and the programme as a whole, as well as organising and participating in evaluation workshops and similar events.

Evaluation of the Electronic Libraries Programme - synthesis of annual reports 1998 and 1997
These reports provide an overview of the eLib programme.
The Synthesis of eLib Annual Reports for 1998 [PDF] and the Synthesis of eLib Annual Reports for 1997 [PDF].
Note the synthesis reports are also available from Opus, the University of Bath institutional repository.
Evaluation of the Electronic Libraries Programme - synthesis of annual reports 1996
This report provides an overview of the eLib programme, at the end of the first year of funding. It is based on the annual reports of thirty-six projects, the reporting period in most cases covering the first nine to twelve months of the project lifecycle. Five projects included in the study had been operational for less than six months (January 1997).
[HTML] - [MS Word 6] - [PDF] Note the mPDF and MS Wortd versions of the synthesis report appear to be corrupt and are not readable.
Policy mapping study - The set-up, operation and content of the Electronic Libraries Programme
This study maps actual and planned activities in the Electronic Libraries Programme (eLib) against programme objectives. It is intended to document the programme's content and organisation; indicate possible directions for future activities; and provide a baseline for future reference and evaluation (August 1996, revised October 1996).
[HTML] [MS Word 6]
A guide to developing and implementing evaluation in individual eLib projects
This document provides a guide to developing and implementing evaluation in individual eLib projects. The Guidelines draw on the extensive consultations we have had with actors both internal and external to the eLib programme and as well reflecting lessons from our experience of information and learning technologies. Whilst evaluation inevitably entails making choices - about which questions to ask, what criteria to adopt, which methods to use, and so on - we have taken a normative position in setting out what we consider to be the most effective way in w hich projects can undertake a relatively small-scale, highly focused and manageable evaluation activity that is relevant and useful to the projects and to the programme. We are mindful of logistics: the need to specify evaluation plans quickly, and what is reasonable to expect of projects by way of time and resource commitments (January 1996).
Design of an evaluation of the Electronic Libraries Programme
This document contains the draft report of a brief consultancy (seven days) for FIGIT by the Tavistock Institute on the design of an evaluation of the Electronic Libraries Programme. The brief of the consultancy, as agreed with the Programme Director, was to:
- comment on programme design and implications for evaluation
- identify options for the design of a formative evaluation
- provide an outline report by 11th July and a final report by the end of July This draft report contains the proposals which will be presented for discussion at the FIGIT meeting on 11th and 12th July 1996. A final report will be revised and completed in the light of the feedback received (1996).
A number of evaluative papers produced by the Tavistock Institute as part of the eLib Supporting Studies are available.

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The Electronic Libraries Programme (eLib) was funded by the Joint Information Systems Committee (JISC)
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