Skills for new Information Professionals: the SKIP Project

Penny Garrod and Ivan Sidgreaves
Academic Services,
University of Plymouth




1 Background to the project

1.1 The changing learning environment

1.2 Changes in the student profile

1.3 Changing patterns of teaching and learning

1.4 The changing information environment

1.5 Organisational change

1.6 SKIP Project rationale

1.7 Project aims and objectives


2 Research findings

2.1 Introduction

2.2 The institutional context

2.3 Levels of integration of IT

2.4 Cultural issues

2.5 The changing roles of paraprofessional staff and library assistants

2.6 Skills issues for paraprofessionals and library


2.7 Training issues for paraprofessionals and library assistants

2.8 The changing roles of professional staff

2.9 New roles in IT

2.10 Skills issues for professional staff

2.11 The requirements of managers

2.12 The hybrid post

2.13 Other training issues

2.14 Postscript on the Dearing Report


3 Conclusions and recommendations

3.1 The Future of HE

3.2 The role of Senior Managers and Service Heads

3.3 The impact of IT on staff skills

3.4 The future of library professionals

3.5 Training issues for library professionals

3.6 Paraprofessional and other library staff

3.7 Hybrid posts

3.8 Cultural Issues


4 Appendices

Appendix A

SKIP: Project research methodology

Appendix B

Table of models of service

Appendix C

Developments in professional education (Departments of Information and Library Studies curricula) & the work of the Lead Bodies

Appendix D

Copies of interview questionnaires

Appendix E

SKIP Workshop: programme and session materials

Appendix F

List of dissemination activities: presentations; conferences; workshops

and publications

Appendix G

Table of list of skills for New Information Professionals

Appendix H

Review of the Literature

Appendix I


Appendix J

List of members of the SKIP Project Advisory Group

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