SKIP: Dissemination activities March 1996 - September 1997

1. Presentations at meetings and conferences

BULISC ‘96. New Tricks? Staff development for the Electronic Library. Bournemouth University Library and Information Service Conference, Bournemouth University. 27-29 August 1996.

South Western Branch meeting of the JANET Regional User Group (SW/JRUG). Bath University Computer Centre, University of Bath. 3 October 1996.

Library Association South Western Branch Members Day. Bolland Library, University of the West of England, Bristol. 21 March 1997.

Training for change: new skills for the electronic library. The Eleventh UK-Nordic Conference, organised by UKOLN on behalf of The British Library Research and Innovation Centre and NORDINFO. 25-28 September 1997, The National Railway Museum, York.

2. Workshops

Colleges of Further and Higher Education Conference (CoFHE). University of Exeter. 25 - 26 March 1997. Workshops held on new skills for information professionals.

SKIP Project workshop, Grand Hotel, Torquay, 2- 3 April 1997

3. Publications

Garrod, P. and Sidgreaves, I. SKIP: Skills for new Information Professionals. Ariadne, Issue 5, September 1996, p.10.

Garrod, P. and Sidgreaves, I. Skills for the new professional. Library Technology, vol.1 (5), November 1996, pp.99-100.

Garrod, P. and Sidgreaves, I. From Ranganathan to Negroponte: The changing skills of information professionals. SKIP: Skills for new Information Professionals - a JISC funded project in the Training and Awareness section of the eLib Programme. In: Knowles, B. (ed.) New Tricks? Staff Development for the Electronic Library. Proceedings of the conference held at Bournemouth University 27-29 August 1996, pp. 35-50.

Garrod, P. New skills for information professionals. Information UK Outlooks, Issue No. 22, July 1997.

Garrod, P. Skills for new information professionals (SKIP): findings of an eLib project. Infocus. The journal of the CTI Centre for Library and Information Studies, Loughborough University, 2 (1), July 1997, pp.6 -10.

Garrod, P. The SKIP project: SKills for new Information Professionals. Ariadne, Issue 11, September 1997, pp.9-10.

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