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JISC Circulars

These are circulars, released by JISC (the Joint Information Systems Committee) over the past few years, that are of direct relevance to the eLib programme.

JISC Circular 3/97 - Electronic information development programme: eLib phase 3
This circular invites proposals from institutions and consortia for two further programme areas in the successful eLib programme. A sum of around 700,000 pounds per year over the next 2-3 years is expected to be available, and only a small number of projects are likely from this call. Strong institutional support for any proposal is critical. Please note that a response to this circular is required by 29 May 1997 (6th March 1997).

JISC Circular 11/95 - Electronic Libraries Programme (eLib); targeted call for new proposals
The successful applications from the first call for (eLib) proposals include examples of wholly new journals as well as experiments in parallel publishing in both digital and traditional format. These projects provide a comprehensive programme but do not completely address three key areas: the creation of pre-print (or grey literature) servers; projects which test new methods of quality assurance, including electronic refereeing; and electronic access to items in short loan or reserve collections. FIGIT is now seeking further proposals to develop a small number of projects in these areas. FIGIT is also seeking initial expressions of interest to establish one or more digitisation centres, separate and distinct from the selection of material to be digitised.

JISC Circular 1/95 - Follett Implementation Group on Information Technology (FIGIT) - Progress Report on Expressions of Interest
JISC Circular 4/94 invited higher education institutions (HEIs) and other interested parties to submit expressions of interest to participate in the programme areas identified in chapter 7 of the report of the Joint Funding Councils' Review of Libraries. This circular summarises the proposed way ahead in each of the programme areas and reports on other key developments.

JISC Circular 4/94 - Follett Implementation Group on Information Technology: Framework for Progressing the Initiative
A report arising from the review of libraries and related provision in higher education in the UK, commissioned jointly by the HEFCE, SHEFC, HEFCW and DENI, and chaired by Professor Sir Brian Follett, Vice Chancellor of the University of Warwick, was published in December 1993. The Review Group devoted much attention to how information technology can help to meet the needs of library users and library management over the next decade. It proposed that the funding councils should jointly invest some 20 million over three years in support of a range of activities to further the development of the electronic library. Full details are set out in chapter 7 of the report.

JISC Circular 2/94 - Joint Funding Councils' Libraries Review: Implementation of IT Recommendations
At its February meeting, JISC agreed that an expert group should be set up, chaired by Ms Lynne Brindley, Librarian and Director of Information Services at the London School of Economics. The membership and terms of reference of this group were subsequently agreed by JISC at its April meeting and are annexed to this circular.

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The Electronic Libraries Programme (eLib) was funded by the Joint Information Systems Committee (JISC)
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