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JISC Circular 2/94 - 1st June 1994

Joint Funding Councils' Libraries Review: Implementation of IT Recommendations

  1. The Higher Education Funding Councils have agreed to allocate funding of 4.75 million during the 1994/95 Academic Year to proceed with the IT recommendations as set out in Chapter Seven of the Report of their Joint Review of Libraries (the "Follett" report), and have asked the Joint Information Systems Committee to take forward the resulting initiative. Funding for subsequent years will be considered by the Funding Councils as part of the annual review of the JISC budget.
  2. At its February meeting, JISC agreed that an expert group should be set up, chaired by Ms Lynne Brindley, Librarian and Director of Information Services at the London School of Economics. The membership and terms of reference of this group were subsequently agreed by JISC at its April meeting and are annexed to this circular, together with a list of the main recommendations from the report. It is likely that a co-ordinator will be appointed to liaise with the community and related initiatives.
  3. Over the next few months, this group will be meeting regularly to draw up an implementation framework for the initiative. It is intended that a Programme Director be appointed as soon as possible to take a high profile role in promoting and directing the initiative. An advertisement will be issued shortly both in the main education publications and in electronic form via the NISS Bulletin Board.
  4. Regular progress reports will be issued as the initiative progresses. It is intended that a letter outlining the detailed framework and guidelines for the initiative will be issued in July/August 1994.

Follett Implementation Group on Information Technology (FIGIT) - Terms of Reference


The Follett Implementation Group on Information Technology of the JISC aims to ensure the cost effective implementation of the IT recommendations of the Joint Funding Councils' Libraries Review through a coherent Libraries Initiative. It will encourage widespread involvement of higher education institutions and other agencies, both within and outwith the sector, in order to exploit and deliver IT products and services to enhance the quality of information services in support of teaching, learning and research. It is envisaged that the Sub Committee will be in existence only for the three year implementation period.


The objectives of the Follett Implementation Group on Information Technology are as follows:

(i) Development of Programme and Projects
(ii) Relationship with JISC, the Funding Councils and other committees
(iii) Relationship with Institutions

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