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Versions of Eprints - User Requirements Study and Investigation Of the Need for Standards
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Project information

Lead site: London School of Economics and Political Science

Nereus Project Consortium

Contact: Frances Shipsey (Project Manager)

Further information: JISC project page and VERSIONS homepage
Cluster(s): See categories at the bottom of this page and Cluster pages.
Repositories Research team contact: JulieAllinson

Project summary

This 18 month project addresses the issues and uncertainties relating to versions of academic papers held in digital repositories. Different versions of the same paper frequently co-exist in publicly available electronic form, alongside traditionally published versions.

VERSIONS aims to investigate researcher needs and current practice before producing a toolkit of guidelines for stakeholders. The toolkit will offer practical guidance about retention of author copies, standardised description of versions, and related advice about the deposit of papers in open access repositories.

VERSIONS is being led by the London School of Economics and Political Science, with the Nereus consortium of European research libraries in economics as associate partners. The project will run until 31st January 2007.

See the summary provided for the Integrating infrastructure cluster


See Articles and papers for articles, papers and news coverage of VERSIONS.

Project outputs and deliverables

See Deliverables for details of deliverables and outputs from VERSIONS.

Progress reports

The final reports from VERSIONS will be available on the project website from December 2007. The project has been followed by the Version Identification Framework (VIF) Project: