Versions cluster summary

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The VERSIONS Project, led by London School of Economics and Political Science, addresses the issues and uncertainties relating to versions of academic papers in digital repositories. VERSIONS aims to help build trust in open access repository content among all stakeholders: authors, researchers, librarians, publishers.

VERSIONS is investigating researchers’ needs and current practice relating to use of open access research papers. By looking at the requirements of economics researchers in major European research institutions, the project will uncover any variations in practice between different EU countries and aims to provide explanations for differences.

One of the deliverables will be a toolkit of guidelines on versions for stakeholders offering practical guidance about retention of author copies, standardised description of versions and related advice about deposit of papers in open access repositories. The project will make recommendations to JISC on standards for versions of eprints.

Questions / Challenges of interest to the VERSIONS Project

  1. Standardising the description of resources: metadata records and other parts of the repository records – cataloguing rules
  2. Ensuring interoperability between repository services and internet services to improve discovery
  3. Ensuring international interoperability (for example international services based around subjects or item types)

All of these are of interest on the specific topic of version identification, but could equally apply to other parts of the description such as unique author identification, subject description.