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Rough notes from SWORD kick-off meeting, 1st July 2008

Updates to the SWORD Profile

  • sword level - remove; only one level
  • add <sword:version> to replace <sword:level>
  • add <sword:maxuploadsize>
  • consider <sword:errorcode> as outlined by Simeon in his case study, i.e. passing an ATOM document as an error message.
  • re-align with APP wherever possible
  • basic over HTTP – check that this isn't mandatory in SWORD (it shouldn't be)
  • make a clear recommendations about use of URIs for deposit; possibly recommending that the atom document is kept as part of the created object; consider removing use of slug-header; consider use of a new HTTP header for passing the deposit id (Jim's idea)
  • format namespace – extend or refine?
  • review current ATOMPUB and extend SWORD profile to support additional bits of ATOMPUB, e.g.
    • support for depositing ATOM docs only for passing references to resources
    • supporting the multipart draft (http://www.ietf.org/internet-drafts/draft-gregorio-atompub-multipart-01.txt) to enable deposit of an ATOM document along with multiple files without use of a package or zip
    • This goes beyond what Jim calls 'ATOMPUB FOR PACKAGES' and begs the question - is SWORD still useful, do we still need the extensions?
  • rather than creating a separate review of ATOMPUB, it might be better to add a section to the existing profile about 'the rest of ATOMPUB', not recommending support, but encouraging implementations to support local needs. The main unsupported aspects are update/delete, categories, list collections - are there any any obvious benefits to implementing these?

Also: auto-discovery of deposit target URI supporting nested collections with service documents; having some mechanism for chunking up large service documents append


  • Update SWORD code libraries and implement
  • Improve SWORD code libraries and implement
  • Finish PHP library (integration into Facebook)
  • Develop validator
  • Implement changes to profile
  • MS Word .Net implementation (scope work for JISC consideration? contact Lee Dirks and others at microsoft to find out how far they have got)
  • test accepting deposits from arXiv

Other work:

  • Create package registry (this could only be a very lightweight piece of work)
  • Uptake/Advocacy VERY IMPORTANT!
  • OAuth and FAM project – make contact, probably isn't time to implement OAuth, but worth considering
  • Contact other integration targets – ESRC, UKPMC, arXiv, Microsoft, Nature … more?

Idea from Jim of turning this into an IETF standard.