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Repository Bridge

Automated Linkage of National and Institutional Repositories
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Project information

Lead site: University of Wales Aberystwyth

University of Wales Swansea
National Library of Wales

Contact: Stuart Lewis (Project Manager)

Further information: JISC project page and Repository Bridge homepage
Cluster(s): See categories at the bottom of this page and Cluster pages.
Repositories Research team contact: MahendraMahey

Project summary

The project will examine the interaction between a regional theses repository based at the National Library of Wales and pilot institutional repositories which are currently under development at UW Aberystwyth and UW Swansea. It will seek to develop repository software and tools allowing for full interaction between the DSpace and FEDORA open source systems to migrate and store items in a persistent manner.

See the summary provided for the Integrating infrastructure cluster


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Project outputs and deliverables

See Deliverables for details of deliverables and outputs from Repository Bridge.

Progress reports

This project is now complete.