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Repository Bridge

Repository Bridge: project led by the University of Wales Aberystwyth (UWA), interested in the interaction between institutional and national (archival) repositories for access to and preservation of digital materials, specifically electronic copies of theses. We have developed a method for export of theses and metadata from a university's IR to another repository (the National Library of Wales, NLW) and are currently testing the software we have written to support this. The interaction between this method and the EThOS UK Database of Theses is also being explored, jointly with EThOS.

We appreciate that this is one approach to integrating repositories, though arguably not so much at the infrastructural level - our aim is the sharing and management of items and metadata. Our interest in integrating infrastructure is twofold - whether the approach we use for export of theses between UWA and NLW can be expanded both to other institutions and other types of material, so it might form an aspect of a Welsh network of repositories, and also how our sharing and management of content approach fits in with other aspects of integration of infrastructure.


  1. How does our approach tie in with general question of infrastructure integration?
  2. How closely can / should we integrate Welsh repositories and their relationship with the NLW?