Progress Report in Feb 2006

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Progress Report September 2005 – February 2006

The following staff joined the team over this period:

UKOLN: Julie Allinson (1.0), Mahendra Mahey (1.0), Rachel Heery (0.2)

CETIS: Sarah Currier (0.5), Mark Power (0.5)

Workpackage 1. Repositories Support Management

  • DRP wiki (DigiRep) and DRS wiki created.
  • Jiscmail discussion lists established.
  • Monthly DRS conference calls, documented on the DRS wiki.

Workpackage 2. Collation of projects’ process-oriented outputs

  • Scenario and use cases: ‘Writing Effective Scenarios and Use Cases’ and ‘UML for use cases’ training arranged; supporting documents and templates on DigiRep; submission process established; some scenarios and use cases collected. Projects have indicated willingness to share. Ongoing.
  • Workflows (business processes): UML training; FAQ on DigiRep; further discussion scheduled. Ongoing.
  • Standards: Collaboration with JISC Standards Catalogue activity at UKOLN; sub-group of projects have input into Catalogue; planned conformance work. Ongoing.
  • Scoping reference model: Evaluation of OAIS as a reference model, through DRS and CETIS Metadata and Digital Repositories SIG meeting
  • Deposit API: Meeting of repository developers to specify a Deposit API. Ongoing.
  • e-Framework: DRS have input into e-Framework service definitions and ELF.
  • Themes: Identifying repository themes across the programme through site visits, to be mapped to reference model work. Ongoing.

Workpackage 3: Support for JISC’s Strategic Decision

  • Roadmap in production; additional work by DRS on typology. Ongoing.

Workpackage 4: Advice and support to projects

  • Gathering intelligence through project visits; creating FAQs and information pages on DigiRep. Ongoing.
  • Training courses arranged (Scenarios, use cases and UML).
  • Clusters established, including DigiRep pages for collaboration.
  • DRS input into planning the forthcoming programme Cluster meetings.
  • Site visits are helping to identify synergies and topic areas.
  • DigiRep FAQs and Themes pages collate information on specific topic areas, including Personal Resource Management Strategies.

Workpackages 5: Programme dissemination and 6 Consultation/validation of work

  • Repositories demonstration and advocacy package in production
  • Presentations at JISC-CETIS Conference and elsewhere; publicity papers published.
  • Meetings: Various attended, including meetings with Darenet, DLF, e-Framework, and forthcoming US Repository Interoperability meetings.