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The eBank UK Dublin Core Application Profile

The eBank UK project [http://www.ukoln.ac.uk/projects/ebank-uk/ ] has created a repository of crystallography datasets [ecrystals.eprints.org] and a metadata profile has been designed to describe the metadata exposed by the repository using OAI-PMH. This page contains links to the project pages about the application profile.

The metadata is based on Dublin Core, and uses the principles of qualified Dublin Core to define elements specifically for the description of chemical entities (among other uses). An XML schema has been defined for use in the project. Additionally, the application profile has been described according to internationally agreed guidelines (CEN/ISSS CWA14855, ftp://ftp.cenorm.be/PUBLIC/CWAs/e-Europe/MMI-DC/cwa14855-00-2003-Nov.pdf).

A namespace URL is being used to identify a number of terms applied in the project. These terms are identifiers for encoding schemes (or vocabularies). As the terms have not yet been standardised by the community, an eBank URL has been chosen. This URL has been registered with purl.org to provide persistence for the namespace and to resolve term URLs to a web page with explanations.

This wiki page is offered to other projects as an example of how to use Dublin Core and how to document metadata profiles used in projects.

The specific instances of the application profile and schema are useful to others who may wish to re-use the metadata from the ecrystals repository, or those who wish to create similar repository instances.

eBank UK metadata schemas project page: [1] XML Schema Definitions:

Application Profile: [2] Namespace URL for eBank terms: [3]

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