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Schema for exchange of crystallography metadata

eBank UK Feasibility Report on dataset Description and Schema to access the results of experiments in crystallography

Summary:The eBank UK project has produced a prototype demonstrator of a service based on EPrints.org software providing access to the detailed results of scientific experiments in crystallography. To present this complex data in a retrievable and meaningful way requires that it is described by metadata using appropriate metadata schema that support harvesting and re-use by other services through alternative interfaces. The challenge faced by the project is the complexity and volume of data that are to be made accessible from the principal points in the network dissemination chain - institutional archives, aggregators, service providers, portals, and prospectively other data providers such as publishers and digital libraries. The design of the metadata schema is critical to the success of the demonstrator, and is perhaps the key contribution of the first phase of the project (to September 2004). The report describes the metadata schema adopted during the initial phase of the project, and shows how the metadata records based on these schemas are presented in the demonstrators. The advantages and limitations of the approach are briefly evaluated with a view to appropriateness of the schema for the presentation of experimental data from other science disciplines through other service providers, which will be investigated during phase 2 of the project.

eBank UK XML Schema, namespace and Application Profile

The latest version of the eBank UK XML schema is found at the locations below. Please Note that the schema is a work in progress, and subject to change at short notice. It is not recommended that this schema be adopted by any other service at this stage.

The eBank UK namespace, ebankterms, is provided for human and machine reference at: http://www.ukoln.ac.uk/projects/ebank-uk/schemas/terms/ The URI for each eBank UK-specific metadata term is grounded on its declaration in this document.

The eBank metadata profile for the project repository and service is documented as an Metadata Application Profile. This is done according to the CEN standard "Dublin Core Application Profile Guidelines" and the DCMI Abstract Model. The Application Profile is the documentation necessary to consult in case other projects want to model metadata informed by the eBank solution or when OAI harvesting of the eBank resources is planned.

Metadata exchange by OAI-PMH

eBank UK currently exports metadata using the OAI-PMH 2.0 protocol in two different metadata formats:

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