UKOLN AHDS QA Toolkit: Web site Self Assessment

Area: XHTML Conversion

Reason: Compliance with appropriate standards should ensure that access to Web resources is maximised and that resources can be repurposed using tools such as XSLT.

Tool: The XHTML Conversion test makes use of the online Tidy service. The tool shows how easily pages can be repurposed and discovers if there are any approaches which are used which may cause difficulties in repurposing Web sites.

A project is deemed to have an entry point which can be successfully converted to XHTML if a comprehensible Web page is displayed. It should be noted that images which are linked to using a relative link will not be displayed. However in such circumstances the image's ALT text will be displayed.

Caveats: This tool will only check your entry page.

Further Information: Is available from the XHML Conversion Analysis Of JISC 5/99 Project Entry Points.