UKOLN AHDS Availability Of Web Sites For JISC 5/99 Projects In Scotland in The Internet Archive

This survey reports on the availability of Web sites for JISC 5/99 projects in Scotland in the Internet Archive. It makes use of the WayBack Machine.

A summary of the findings is given in the following table.

Table 1: Availability Of Scottish JISC 5/99 Project Web Sites In Internet Archive
  Project Name Available In Archive? Robots.txt File? Comments View
1 FAILTE 10 pages from Mar-Oct 2001 None - Check   View
2 XGrain 2 pages from Jun-Nov 2001 None - Check   View
3 Using Numerical Data 6 pages from Aug 2000-Oct 2001 File not accessible at time of survey - Check   View
4 EEVL No pages in archive Yes, and disallows access to all robots from several sub-sections - Check   View
5 e-MapScholar 1 page from Jan 2001 Yes, but not relevant to project Web area - Check   View
6 LEMUR 4 pages from Apr-Nov 2001 None - Check   View

The information in the table was collected on 19th September 2002.


Please note the following:


If a Web site is available in the Internet Archive this gives an indication that is may be suitable for archiving using a harvesting approach.