UKOLN AHDS QA Focus in-house QA: Policy on Linking

QA Focus Policy

Link Checking
Policy On Links To QA Focus Web Site:
It is acceptable for other Web sites to link to the QA Focus Web site or documents within the QA Focus Web site without seeking permission. They should give comprehensive citation details. QA Focus will seek to ensure that URLs remain stable.
Policy On Links From QA Focus Web Site:
QA Focus will not seek permission for linking to external Web sites. If it is requested by an external organisation that a link to their Web site is removed QA Focus will do so.
Policy On Broken Links:
QA Focus will seek to ensure that internal links within the site are not broken.
QA Focus will seek to ensure that links within the site to external resources are not broken.
It is important to avoid broken links on the Web for usability.
The QA Focus project manager is responsible for this policy. The QA Focus Web editor is responsible for ensuring that appropriate procedures are deployed.
Links in "publications" (e.g. papers which are formally published) which become broken may not be fixed.
If there are large numbers of broken links which would be time-consuming to fix we may not fix them.
We make no commitment to fix broken links once the QA Focus funding finishes.

Procedures For Ensuring Compliance

We will implement the following procedures on linking to ensure that the policies are implemented.