UKOLN AHDS QA Focus in-house QA: List of X4L Web sites


This is a list of all JISC Exchange for Learning (X4L) Programme projects and their URLs for the purpose of establishing which sites no longer have Web sites. We will aim to link check this page at least quarterly.

Please note that the master list is given on the JISC X4L page on the JISC Web site.

Entry Points


ALBEDA - A Level Biology : Epidemiological Data Analysis - URL:

ARCHES - Antiquity Related Collections Harnessed for Educational Scenarios - URL:

Business English - URL:

E-studio - URL:

ELVIS: E-learning for Vocational Skills

Exploiting UK survey data sources for teaching Political Science

Healthier Nation - URL:

JORUM and the Development Bay - URL:


Learning Bank - URL:

Learning to Learn

Learning via Stars and Literature - URL:

Maps and Learner Guides - URL:

PILOT: Programme for Individualised Learning and On-line Tutoring

RDN for FE - URL:

Re-tasking traditionally structured resources



TOIA: Tools for Online Interoperable Assessment - URL:

VTSX4L: Teaching Internet Information Skills - URL:

X4L Lit: Devising learning objects for use in literature - URL:

X4L Rapid - URL:

X4L West Midlands: learning objects engineering & ESOL - URL:

X4LMUSIC: e-learning for music and music technology - URL:


Date Status
17 November 2003 All checked, 20 sites available. However following warning was received:
  • <> redirected to <> The URL was updated.
6 August 2003 All sites available


Self Assessment

In case of Web sites which appear to be missing or which give HTTP error messages projects are requested to test their Web site HTTP error message using the following tool:

HTTP Headers

You can use the HTTP testing service for checking the project home page or other resources on your Web site. You can do this either by going to the Web Wizards tool page or by entering a URL in the following box:

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