UKOLN AHDS Survey Of Use Of Embedded Dublin Core Metadata In Selected Resources On the LSE Library Web Site (June 2003)

A survey of the availability of Dublin Core metadata embedded in selected resources on the LSE Library Web site has been carried out. The survey makes use of UKOLN's DC-dot tool.

You can use the service yourself either by going to DC-dot or by entering a URL in the following box:


A summary of the findings is given in the following table.

Table 1: Key Pages
  Resource DC Metadata Used? Valid DC? Validate DC
1 Library entry point Y (10 tags) Y (but warnings) Check
2 Library projects Y (10 tags) Y (but warnings) Check
3 Library catalogue
Note session
N   Check
4 Gateway to electronic library N   Check
5 Course Packs Y (10 tags) Y (but warnings) Check


The information in the table was collected on 17th June 2003.


A summary of the findings is given below.

Table 1: Use of DC Metadata
DC Metadata Used 3 60%
No DC Metadata Found 2 40%
Metadata Could Not Be Processed 0 0%