UKOLN AHDS QA Focus Presentation: QA For Digital Library Projects

The following seminar was given on Thursday 25th September 2003 at the University of Edinburgh in Room G8, NeuroScience Building, 1 George Square, EDinburgh. The seminar took place from 11.00-12.30.

The seminar was given by Brian Kelly, UKOLN.

Seminar Details

Quality Assurance For Digital Library Projects
Use of open standards can help in maximising access to resources, allowing repurposing of resources and avoiding platform- and application-dependencies. This is widely acknowledged within the Higher Education community and funding bodies such as JISC expect project deliverables to comply with a range of open standards. In practice, however, digital library services do not necessarily always comply with open standards. This can be for a number of reasons:
  • Lack of awareness of the standards
  • Difficulties in identifying appropriate standards
  • Difficulties in deploying open standards due to:
    • Limitations of the authoring tools
    • Limitations of the viewers
    • Lack of expertise
    • etc.
It can also be difficult to monitor compliance with standards.
The QA Focus project has been set up by the JISC to support the JISC 5/99 programme. The remit of QA Focus has been extended to include the FAIR and X4L programmes.
QA Focus has developed a self-assessment methodology, together with a range of support documents, FAQs, etc. The methodology is based on well-established QA conventions, including documented policies and use of tools to measure compliance with the policies.
The seminar will describe the QA Focus work and provide an opportunity to discuss the potential for deployment of the methodology.
Target Audience
The seminar will be suitable for staff involved in digital library development work. In addition it may be useful for those involved in the provision of other types of Web services.


Slides: QA For Digital Library Projects
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