Who Are We?

The QA Focus project was funded to support the JISC's Information Environment programme by encouraging participating projects to develop appropriate quality assurance (QA) processes which will ensure that project deliverables comply with standards and best practices.

QA Focus was provided by a partnership of UKOLN (University of Bath) and the AHDS.

What Do We Do?

How Does QA Focus Work?

QA Focus works by:

QA Focus: An Opportunity To Learn

We want to develop a culture of self-learning based upon examples of the successes within the projects whilst learning from the challenges faced and overcome during production.

The lessons learnt from this process will then allow the JISC to establish the most useful and productive standards, whilst promoting best practice for the benefit of all current and future projects.

Further Information

For more information on the QA Focus visit the Web site at <>


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QA Focus Flyer
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