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EASTER (Evaluating Automated Subject Tools for Enhancing Retrieval)


  • EASTER project proposal PDF

Deliverables will be uploaded once they get approved for public dissemination:

  • D1.1 Formal project plan: PDF, and accompanying workpackages PDF
  • D1.2 Consortium agreement (cannot be made publically available)
  • D1.3 Project Website: EASTER Website and accompanying EASTER blog
  • D1.4 Progress report 1
  • D1.5 Progress report 2
  • D1.6 Final report
  • D1.7 Completion report
  • D2.1 Evaluation methodology framework
  • D2.2 Updated evaluation methodology framework
  • D3.1 ‘Gold standard’ data
  • D3.2 Evaluation report of chosen tools
  • D4.1 Demonstrator
  • D4.2 Workflow evaluation analysis report
  • D5.1 End-user retrieval study system
  • D5.2 End-user retrieval study report