UKOLN Good Practice Guide for Developers of Cultural Heritage Web Services

Introduction to this Guidebook

This guidebook provides advice on standards and best practices to organisations involved in the development of cultural heritage Web services. The content of the guidebook originates from a number of different sources:


NOF-digitise was a nationwide digitisation and publication programme funded by British National Lottery proceeds. Its scope and ambition was unlike anything that has been attempted before and it has broken new ground in the understanding and expectations of digitisation projects. This significant undertaking was funded through the New Opportunities Fund (NOF), now rebranded as The Big Lottery Fund, and resulted in 152 projects receiving support for a huge variety of initiatives across a very diverse range of cultural, academic and educational spheres.

During the course of the programme, the Technical Advisory Service (TAS) was provided by UKOLN and AHDS for the benefit of the participant projects and the central administrative team at the New Opportunities Fund. In its lifetime, the TAS provided a wealth of technical advice and support to the participants and stakeholders of NOF-digitise. This guidebook captures, reformats and builds on the strong output that the TAS and partners generated for this programme.

QA Focus

The QA Focus project was funded by the JISC to support JISC's digital library programmes. QA Focus was provided by a partnership of UKOLN (University of Bath) and the AHDS. Funding for the QA Focus project officially finished on 31st July 2004 but resources continue to be added to the QA Focus Web.

Use of this Guidebook

We hope that the advice provided in this handbook will be helpful to those involved in the development of digital cultural heritage resources. Previously the guidebook was essentially a snapshot of the advice provided during the lifetime of the NOF-digitise programme. However as of April 2006 the guidebook will be more regulary updated. However before attempting to implement any of the advice provided, you should read the terms and conditions which govern the development work you are involved in.

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