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Agile approaches to building application profiles

UKOLN has been engaged in some research and development around tools and techniques to support the development of Dublin Core Application Profiles (DCAPs). This page contains links to resources which are designed to explain or demonstrate these. We are planning to undertake further R&D over the coming year.

Some of these techniques and tools were demonstrated at a workshop at the recent International Conference on Dublin Core and Metadata Applications (DCMI09) in Seoul. The proposal for this workshop is here

A good introductory resource is the presentation (PPT | PDF) which was delivered by Emma Tonkin and Paul Walk to introduce the workshop at DCMI09.

For more detail about the paper-prototyping approach see Emma Tonkin's paper: Multilayered Paper Prototyping for User Concept Modelling: Supporting the Development of Application Profiles (abstract | full-text)

Two videos will help give a sense of these techniques and tools in action: