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Registration Opens for DCC Oxford Roadshow

Registration is now open for the 4th Digital Curation Centre Roadshow.

The Roadshow is being organised in conjunction with the Oxford eResearch Centre, Oxford University Computing Services and the Bodleian Libraries, and will take place from 14 - 16 September 2011. Days 1 and 2 will be held in the Oxinaga Room, Wadham College and Day 3 in the Isis Room at Oxford University Computing Services.

The Roadshow will cover emerging trends and present case studies, and will explain how to comply with policy requirements and introduce the core principles for robust data management and planning. Day 3 of the roadshow will focus on training.

Three further roadshows are planned for autumn/winter 2011.

Roadshows the Route to Addressing Key Data Challenges

Contemporary interest in data management has a particular focus within the Higher Education research community, where the major funders of research increasingly require grant applicants to submit data management plans as an essential component of their bids for funding. Moreover, successful grant holders may be held accountable for the stewardship of the often irreplaceable digital resources generated by their research.

This new emphasis is often driven by the need to demonstrate value for money from the investment of public funds and reflects the desire of government to make clearer links between academic research and benefits to the economy or society at large. On a practical level, a good data management plan would address the costs and responsibilities necessitated by the long-term stewardship of data – two crucial factors that have a tendency to be overlooked!

The expectation that the sector is fully prepared for such a responsibility does not reflect the situation on the ground. A requirement for researchers to share their data may conflict with traditional research practice, compounded by fears that intellectual capital may be weakened or lost. Not all university infrastructures are designed to support the management and curation of large datasets. Studies have repeatedly shown that a considerable proportion of the research community (and its support) is not yet equipped with the skills to undertake effective data management.

The Digital Curation Centre (DCC), is the UK’s national centre for advice and offers help in all matters related to digital data management and curation. Via our Web site, we provide a broad array of tools and resources, from interactive data management planning with DMPOnline to a series of practical training events that are tailored to specific audiences, and augmented by a host of guidance material and case notes. News and events about our range of measures to support and develop the research community's capability in data management are regularly updated on the DCC Web site.

UKOLN is a partner in the Digital Curation Centre and is closely involved in the work of the DCC roadshows. For an introduction to the key data challenges facing the research community and how to address them, please join us at one of our roadshows.

Three Further Roadshows over October - December 2011

University of Sussex 4-6 October 2011
University of Cambridge 9-11 November 2011
University of Cardiff/Royal Welsh School of Music & Drama 14-16 December 2011

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