PV 2005

The Royal Society, Edinburgh

21-23 November 2005


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Final Poster Papers

Catherine Jones
Digitisation and Preservation of CCLRC's scientific legacy: The ePubs Technical reports Project [PDF]

T. Iyemoru, M.Nose, T.Kamei, M. Takeda, Y. Odagi, M. Yagi, H. McCreadie
Digitization of old Analogue Geomagnetic Data [Word]

Yoshikazu Miyano
The JAXA Catalogue Interoperability System - Lesson Learnt to feedback to next generation system [Word]

Jeroen Bekaert, Xiaoming Liu1, and Herbert Van de Sompel
Representing Digital Assets for Long-Term Preservation using MPEG-21 DID [Word]

Peter Burnhill, Robin Rice and Diane Geraci
The Social Side of Science Data Sharing: Distilling Past Efforts [PDF]

Matthew Addis, Freddy Choi, Ant Miller
Planning the digitization, storage and access of large scale audiovisual archives [Word]

Dr Norman Swindells, Dr.-Ing Anna Moreno
Information Engineering - A New International Standard for the Long-term Archiving of Property Data [PDF]

Introduction | Final Papers | Final Poster Papers | Posters | Presentations

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