Collection Description Focus, Workshop 2UKOLN

Multi-purpose metadata for collections

creating reusable CLDs

Friday 8 February 2002
Aston Business School, Birmingham


Friday 8 February, 2002
10:00Registration and Coffee
Liz Lyon, Director, UKOLN
10:35Introduction: Multi-purpose metadata for collections [Slides]
Pete Johnston & Bridget Robinson, Collection Description Focus
10:50Collection Level Description: The RASCAL Experience  [Slides]
Clare McVeigh & Deirdre Wildy, RASCAL, Queens University Belfast
11:15Creating Collection Level Descriptions in the Crossroads Project [Slides]
Heather Williamson, Crossroads Project Officer, The Libraries Partnership - West Midlands
11:55SCONE: reusability, granularity, and collection strength [Slides]
Dennis Nicholson, Strathclyde University & Gordon Dunsire, Napier University, both SCONE project.
12:20Cooperation, interoperability and reuse of descriptions in the AIM25 (Archives in London and the M25 area) Project  [Slides]
Robert Baxter, AIM25 Project, Kings College, London
12:45Collection Level Descriptions in the Revelation Project [Slides]
Jackie Hwang, RSLP Project Manager - Revelation, University of Birmingham
14:00The role of assigning collection significance in SWMC's Museums Mapping Project [Slides]
David Hill, Collections Development Director, South West Museums Council
14:25Introduction to the discussion groups
Pete Johnston & Bridget Robinson, Collection Description Focus
14:30Breakout groups

Group 1: Rights issues and CLDs
Facilitated by: Liz Lyon & Paul Andrews

Group 2: CLDs and their audiences
Facilitated by David Hill & Bridget Robinson

Group 3: Standards for CLDs
Facilitated by Gordon Dunsire
15:30Report back from discussion groups

Notes from Group 1
Notes from Group 2
Notes from Group 3
16:00Concluding comments
Pete Johnston & Bridget Robinson, Collection Description Focus