Collection Description Focus, Workshop 2UKOLN

Multi-purpose metadata for collections

creating reusable CLDs

Friday 8 February 2002
Aston Business School, Birmingham

Programme details

Contributors to the workshop include:

  • Pete Johnston & Bridget Robinson:
    Multi-purpose metadata for collections

    Pete Johnston joined UKOLN in January 2001 as Research Officer to support the work of the Interoperability Focus, and is also contributing to the work of the Collection Description Focus.

    From 1997 to 2000, he was a member of a digital records management project based at Glasgow University Archive Services. During this period, he also developed tools and provided guidance to support the EAD-based collection-level description work which was carried out by the archivists at Glasgow as data providers to the HE Archives Hub.

    Pete has experience in the area of markup technologies, and since joining UKOLN, he has sought to develop his understanding of metadata-related technologies.

    Bridget Robinson, Research Officer, joined UKOLN in January 2000 to work on the Agora project. Agora was one of the five elib hybrid Library projects which began in January 1998. It formed part of Phase 3 of the elib programme investigating issues of digital library implementation and integration.

    Collection Level Descriptions were used within the Agora interface as a way of matching users to resources. Agora used the collection schema drafted by the national working group and edited by UKOLN. Bridget has worked in both Public and HE libraries and with a range of Commercial Information Providers.

    Bridget is now working as part of the Collection Description Focus.

  • Clare McVeigh & Deirdre Wildy:
    Collection Level Description: The RASCAL Experience

    Clare McVeigh, RASCAL Project Manager, is an archivist who has worked with the Public Record Office of Northern Ireland and the BBC Northern Ireland Sound Archive. She joined the RASCAL Project in December 2000. RASCAL, which stands for Research And Special Collections Available Locally, aims to improve and enhance access to collections held in institutions across Northern Ireland through the creation of a new web-based directory.

    Deirdre Wildy is a Librarian, working part-time as the Project Officer with the RASCAL Project. Prior to joining the RASCAL team in December 2000 she was responsible for cataloguing rare books and Special Collections material at Queen's University, Belfast. Deirdre also has experience in Reader Services and the Public Library sector. She is currently managing the Northern Ireland Publications Resource, a project funded by the British Library's Co-operation and Partnership Programme.

  • Heather Williamson:
    Creating Collection Level Descriptions in the Crossroads Project

    Heather Williamson is the Crossroads Project Officer and currently manages this cross-domain project that covers all types of museums, libraries and archives in the West Midlands region. Previous work has included the co-ordination of the ERDF funded INTER-ALL library project that spanned 12 library authorities in the West Midlands. Prior to this Heather has worked both in the public library sector and a commercially driven information unit

  • Dennis Nicholson & Gordon Dunsire:
    SCONE: reusability, granularity, and collection strength

    Dennis Nicholson is Director of Research in the Information Resources Directorate at Strathclyde University and was previously Head of Library Systems at Strathclyde. Since 1991, he has managed a range of funded research projects and initiatives, either directly or in his role as Director of the Centre for Digital Library Research at Strathclyde. These include:

    • HILT, High Level Thesaurus Project (2000-)
    • SCONE, Scottish Collections Network Extension Project (1999-)
    • CAIRNS, Co-operative Academic Information Retrieval Network for Scotland (1998-2000)
    • Viscont NOF Digitisation Project (2001-)
    • SAPIENS Electronic Journals Project (2001-)
    • The BUBL Information Service (1991-)

    Gordon Dunsire is Research and Projects Manager for Napier University Learning Information Services. He has extensive experience in metadata engineering (formerly known as cataloguing), systems librarianship, and database programming. He is currently seconded to the Centre for Digital Library Research on a part-time basis to work on several of its projects and services, and has a particular interest in developing collection level descriptions for use in real-world systems. He was the Technical Officer for the CAIRNS clump project, and is currently a member of the SCONE project steering group as well as being technical consultant for the CAIRNS and SCONE services.

  • Robert Baxter:
    Cooperation, interoperability and reuse of descriptions in the AIM25 (Archives in London and the M25 area) Project

    Robert Baxter is an archivist who has worked on a number of cataloguing projects within the HE and local government sectors. Since January 2000 he has been Project Coordinator for the RSLP AIM25 Project based at King's College London, which is providing collection level descriptions to the archives of some 50 HE institutions, learned societies and royal medical colleges within the London area.

  • Jackie Hwang:
    Collection Level Descriptions in the Revelation Project

    Jackie Hwang has worked at the University of Birmingham for the past 12 years. Since 1995 as Head of Bibliographic Services she has set up 10 NFF/RSLP retroconversion teams, four of which are still running. Her involvement with collection descriptions is more recent, since she has only just taken over from Marie-Pierre Detraz as Project Manager for the RSLP Revelation and C19 Pamphlets projects.

  • David Hill:
    The role of assigning collection significance in SWMC's Museums Mapping Project

    David Hill is Collections Development Director for the South West Museums Council. He has worked with the SWMC (Formerly Area Museums Council of the South West) since 1992. In recent years he has been responsible for the development of the SWMC's Museum Mapping project (Based upon West Midlands Regional Museums Council's First Principals methodology). This work included the development of collection significance criteria to enable museums to carry out self-assessment of their collections.