Blogs and Social Networks Workshop: Leedsfeeds: a Blogging Service based on the Open Source Elgg Application

Blogs and Social Networks Workshop Workshop

This page provides access to the slides to be used by Melissa Highton in her talk on "Leedsfeeds: a Blogging Service based on the Open Source Elgg Application".


At University of Leeds the use of Web 2.0 tools has been driven by enthusiasm from staff involved in learning and teaching who have asked for blogging tools to promote reflective writing, wiki tools for shared space to support collaborative writing and hosting for podcasting and video streaming. Our evaluation surveys on campus have shown that making a tool available centrally for staff and students to use in creative ways has facilitated new and exciting approaches to teaching and provided a fertile ground for investigation/ research in these areas of e-learning. We have also found that, where a tool is made widely available, it may be used for a variety of activities outside learning and teaching. Leeds Community Blogs now support research groups internally and across partner institutions as well as library news, project teams, staff networks and community groups.


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