UKOLN AHDS RSS Feeds For QA Focus Papers

RSS Feeds For QA Focus Papers

RSS feeds are available for QA Focus Papers.

RSS Feed
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Please note that an experimental OPML file for the RSS feeds is also available. This can be used to import all of the feeds into your RSS reader. This file is intended to be read by RSS readers.

OPML Viewers

Note that a number of experimental OPML viewers are available:

Further information about OPML is available.

It should be noted that, as described in Wikipedia, OPML has various shortcomings (e.g. OPML stores data in XML attributes, which violates a common XML design principle and due to the arbitrary nature of the "type" attribute and the acceptance of arbitrary attributes on "outline" elements, interoperability of OPML documents relies almost entirely on the undocumented conventions of content producers.) This OPML service should, therefore be regarded as experimental, is not guaranteed to be interoperable and the file is liable to be removed without notice.

Quality Assurance For The RSS Feeds

The following quality assurance policies and procedures have been developed for the RSS feeds.


5 July 2011
Removed links to Grazr. Brian Kelly.