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DevCSI and RepoFringe11 Hackathon / Challenge

A two day hackathon / developer challenge running in parallel with the Repository Fringe 11

4.40 (Mini Forum 2), Fourth Floor, School of Informatics, Informatics Forum, 10 Crichton Street, Edinburgh, EH8 9AB.

Wednesday 3rd and Thursday 4th August, 2011

This is a free two day DevCSI hackathon / developer challenge organised in conjunction with the Repository Fringe 11. Its purpose is to get repository developers, repository managers and experts in the domain, many of whom are attending RepoFringe11 to come up with ideas, and then for some to work on these prototypes during a 'hackathon'. The ideas/prototypes will be presented to an audience and the best ones will receive prizes.

We are looking for entries that meet the conference theme this year, 'Repositories Building Bridges & Social Innovation'.

The event will start with a 'developer lounge' opening on the fourth floor, 4.40 (MiniForum 2) available on Wednesday 3rd of August at 0930. This room is available for anyone who is attending the conference and who wants a 'space' to meet, discuss ideas for the hackathon, or a quiet space to hang out . The space is flexible, you are welcome to attend other parts of the conference during this time. If you are thinking of working on an idea, we have an agreement from the organisers that we can keep the room open till 0200, a hackathon! If this is you, don't worry, we will feed you and look after you and give you the space and time and support to help develop your idea / prototype. The room will have flip charts, a projector, caffeine, snacks, wireless and lots of power sockets. You are of course welcome to start thinking of your ideas now!

We are hoping to have a mini 'show and tell' in the morning on Thursday 4th of August, at 0900 (breakfast served at 0830), where entrants can reveal their ideas and prototypes, they don't have to be complete, just tell the audience what you are working on. As an inticement to attend and support the people who are entering, something breakfasty will be provided to the audience. Entrants can then continue working on their entries till 1500 on Thursday 4th August, 2011, which is the deadline for entry.

Entry is simple, just sign up to attend the RepoFringe11 if you haven't already, tell the organiser of the Hackathon, Mahendra Mahey or email me with your entry before 1500 GMT Thursday 4th August, 2011, with the following information:

  • A title and description for your entry. Name(s), email addresses of people entering and where they work.
  • People entering should be an attendee of RepoFringe11.
  • You will need to provide a URI which points to your entry.
  • Working code is preferable, though paper prototypes will be acceptable!
  • You will be required to present your entry to an audience on Thursday 4th August between 0900 - 0930

Prizes will be awarded at the drinks reception after 5pm on Thursday 4th August.

  • A first prize will be awarded to the entry that best fits the conference theme 'Repositories Building Bridges & Social Innovation', the winners will receive a £300 Amazon voucher.
  • A second prize will be awarded a £100 amazon voucher.
  • A third prize of a £50 amazon voucher.
  • A special prize for the best idea will be a £50 amazon voucher, which is aligned to the conference theme, 'Repositories Building Bridges & Social Innovation'

Mini Programme

Wednesday 4th of August, 2011
0930 - Developer Lounge Opens (4.40 (Mini Forum 2), Fourth Floor)
0930 - 1930 - Room available as hackspace (4.40 (Mini Forum 2), Fourth Floor)
1930 - Hackathon starts, food and drink available (4.40 (Mini Forum 2), Fourth Floor)
0200 - Hackathon finishes

Thursday 5th of August, 2011
0830 - 0900 - Breakfast Available to All Delegates! (Main Foyer)
0900 - 0930 - 'Show and Tell', sneak preview of Developer Entries for hackathon (G07/A main auditorium)
0930 - 1500 - Developer Lounge /  Hackspace available for work (4.40 (Mini Forum 2), Fourth Floor)
1500 - Deadline for Entry (4.40 (Mini Forum 2), Fourth Floor)
1700 + Prizes awarded at Drinks Reception (G07/A main auditorium)

Good luck!


1. Entries for the Developer Hackathon should be attendees of the event and they should come from at least one developer though teams are welcome.
2. Entries for the best idea should come from an individual, they do not need to be a developer.
3.  The entries for the Developer Hackaton, should be presented in person, at the 'Show and Tell' Sneak preview on Thursday 4th of August between 0900-0930. If a team is entering, not all of the team members need be present at RepoFringe11, but at least one team-member should be.
4.  Individuals / Teams must register their entry / idea / by emailing the organiser, Mahendra Mahey,, with your name, where you work, the name of the entry and if possible a URI to more information about your entry.
5. Individuals / Teams can enter before RepoFringe11 and may change their idea/entry up to the deadline which is 1500, Thursday 4th August, 2011.
6.  Prototypes do not have to be working code, mock interfaces are acceptable, though working code is obviously preferable and will judged more favourably.
7. Prototypes should primarily be presented as user interfaces, not as bullet points or architectural diagrams.
8. If the prototype consists of only mock interfaces (e.g. “photoshopped” or a “paper prototype”), then there should be a brief explanation of how the interface could be built using a particular code base / architecture.
9. New code for prototypes is encouraged, though previous written code is allowed to be used.
10. The same code may be used in multiple prototypes, sharing of code is encouraged.
11. No code is off limits for use so long as it is legally used, third party libraries, applications and web services are fair game.
12. Participants must ensure that entries do not in any way infringe copyright or other intellectual property rights of any third party.

Judging Criteria

The judging process will use the following methodology:

•    Judges will agree on the top three prototypes and recommend a winner, runner up and third place. They will also decide on the best idea aligned to the conference theme.
•    When entries are marked, if a consensus cannot be reached, then the chair of the judging panel will be responsible for the final decision.
•    A representative from DevCSI will oversee the judging process.
•    The evaluation criteria for the competition are: innovative, visionary, relevance to the user problems, coolness, usability, plausibility for adoption, functionality and overall.

Awarding of Prizes

•    The awards be awarded at 1700 on Thursday 4th of August, 2011 at the Drinks Reception (G07/A main auditorium). The main prize, runner up and third prizes for the DevCSI Hackathon will be awarded to each individual/team entering. Should there be a team that wins one of these prizes, the prize will be shared equally amongst team members. The best idea prize will also be awarded at this prize ceremony.
•    The winners / runners up must be willing to participate in a post meeting interview about the submission and future ideas for development.
•    The winners / runners up must be willing to have their name and picture published by DevCSI.

Please note, the tags for this event is:

#devcsi and #rfringe11

You will be able to follow announcements about the event via twitter (as well as feeds from blogs and websites etc) by searching for the above tag. If you are new to twitter, please visit, and create an account for yourself. We will be using technologies like this frequently, before, during and after the event.

If you require a twitter client (software to keep up to date with the latest twitters), several can be found at