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Archives 2.0 2009 Conference

The following talk was given at the Archives 2.0 2009 Conference which was held at the Manchester Marriott Victoria & Albert Hotel on 19-20th March 2009.


A Risks and Opportunities Framework For Archives 2.0
Brian Kelly

The potential benefits of exploiting Web 2.0 technologies in the Archives sector are becoming more widely appreciated. The popularity of services provided by global companies such as Google, Yahoo, Facebook, etc. seems to provide a valuable opportunity for content holders, such as archives, to maximise the impact of their content, reach out to new audiences and develop new services without the need for significant in-house development work. In addition the impact of the credit crunch is leading to a realisation that funding for in-house development activities may be limited. Web 2.0 appears to provide rich opportunities for archives.

And yet legitimate concerns have been raised regarding the risks associated with use of such Web 2.0 services. Aren't the services provided by such companies under similar risks as the companies seek to consolidate in response to the global economic crisis? And what of concerns ranging from privacy, data protection and equality for individual users of such services through to long term preservation issues?

This paper describes a risks and opportunities framework which is being developed to support organisations in maximising the opportunities which can be provided by Web 2.0, whilst minimising the associated risks. The framework acknowledges that it will not be possible (or desirable) to eliminate all risks and suggests ways in which workflow processes, new media literacy and user education can help to reap the dividends which Archives 2.0 seeks to provide.

Biographical Details

Image of Brian Kelly Brian Kelly is UK Web Focus, a post funded by the JISC and the MLA which advises the UK's higher and further education communities and museums, libraries and archives sector on best practices in use of the Web.

Brian has given many presentations on Web 2.0 and Library 2.0 over the past few years. Brian was a invited plenary speaker at international conferences held in Stockholm, Taiwan and Singapore in 2008 in which he described approaches which can help to maximise the potential benefits which Web 2.0 can provide whilst minimising associated risks.

Date And Time
Friday 20th March 2009 in the session running from 14:00-15.30.
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Video of Talk

A video of the talk is available:

A Risks and Opportunities Framework For Archives 2.0 from Brian Kelly on Vimeo.

Note that the video (.avi format) is also available for downloading.


The slides for this talk are also available on Slideboom and are embedded below in suitably-configured browsers.

Also note that the slides of a rehearsal of this talk, with accompanying audio are available on Slideshare.

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